3 Tips to Improve Your Graphic Design Today

Whether you are just launching your business or regularly creating collateral, you probably know the importance of graphic design. Graphic design tells the story of your brand through eye-catching visuals. Great graphic design is a crucial asset to your business, while poor graphic design is the opposite. Creating the right imagery can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there are a few concepts that can help with the process.

Here are three tips from our graphic designer, Morgan Sandifer.

1. Create a brand style guide. A brand style guide includes your logo, color palette, library of fonts, instructions on how and when to use certain colors and fonts, and other elements that are unique to your brand. A style guide will keep you avoid confusing your audience with different logos, different fonts, mismatched colors, and inconsistent designs. It gives your brand a professional look and creates a starting point for each of your design elements. A brand style guide can be used by any team member to ensure everyone is following the same guidelines for your company.

2. Pay close attention to details. Details go a long way in a clean, attractive design. Pay special attention to contrast, scale, balance, and other principles to enhance the elements you want to showcase and make sure the most important things stand out to your audience.

3. Be consistent. Consistency is vital to building a professional brand. Make sure your color palettes, elements, brand assets, and designs are in line with your brand guidelines. This means you want to avoid mismatched logos, random fonts, unexpected colors, and off-brand designs. (Your brand style guide will help with this.) Once you have established the look and feel you are going for, you may want to design some templates that can serve as a basis for many different formats. Consistency will tie everything together and help you make sure your graphic elements are communicating the intended message.

Applying these tips should help improve your graphic design. If you want more information, here are six things to consider when designing a logo and a few ways to build a brand identity.

If you feel overwhelmed or have questions, we are here to help! The team at The Social Bullpen can create a custom strategy for your graphic design and other marketing needs.