5 More Facebook Changes That May Affect Your Business

Facebook is constantly changing and adding new features to help you market your business. Last week, we outlined some Facebook changes that can increase your social media engagement.

Here are five more changes that may affect your business.

1. Facebook shops

If you are selling any online merchandise, you should check out Facebook’s new mobile-friendly shops. The idea for the shops is similar to the previous versions of Facebook’s on-platform shops, but with far more features. Shops can be customized to match your branding with virtual storefront images, colors and fonts. Customers can also checkout within the app. Facebook also plans to add more features like loyalty programs or live shopping. This could be a great option of you are trying to add or expand e-commerce options for your business.

2. Expanding commerce eligibility requirement

Some new requirements have already taken effect on Instagram and will be moving to Facebook. If you have at least one eligible e-commerce product, you will be able to use tags and shopping features to drive users to your website or have customers make in-app purchases. This will streamline the Facebook shopping process even more since you will no longer need to set up a Facebook store and wait for approval.

3. New Facebook Blueprint Courses

Facebook’s free Blueprint Courses are a great resource for any business using the platform. The great news is they have just added 15 new courses that can help you reach your Facebook marketing goals. Some of the new courses include:

  • Set Marketing Goals

  • Select Your Marketing Channels

  • Decide Who You Want to Reach

  • Map the Customer Journey

  • Tell Your Business Story

  • Create Authentic Messages

  • Stay Connected To Customers Online

  • Create A Content Calendar

4. New Clear History feature may affect retargeting ads

Now that Facebook has launched its Clear History tool, users can see any data Facebook has stored and clear it if they choose. If users clear their history, cookie-based retargeting will become challenging. Make sure to keep an eye on your campaigns and prepare to adjust accordingly.

5. Increased user security/ privacy compliance (CPPA)

Another feature that may affect campaigns is Facebook’s adherence to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CPPA). While it pertains to businesses selling to customers in California, it’s important to pay attention regardless of where your customers are located. Due to the CCPA, Facebook is now allowing a Limited Data Use feature that limits Facebook’s use of data. This may result in a decline in the performance of some retargeting campaigns and limit some tracking capabilities.

Facebook is constantly changing, updating, and adding new features, which can have an effect on businesses that use Facebook as part of a marketing strategy. We hope this helps you stay up-to-date with some of the recent changes. If you use any of these features, please let us know how they are working for you.

If you feel overwhelmed with your social media strategy and have questions or would like a custom plan, we are here to help. Please contact The Social Bullpen today!