5 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Business Page Today

With 2.45 billion users worldwide and approximately 240 million in the U.S., Facebook continues to be the most popular social network and the leading social media platform for marketing purposes. In fact, almost 94 percent of businesses using social media are using Facebook. If you don’t already have a Facebook Business page, make one today. If you do have one, make sure you are making the most of it.

Here are 5 ways to improve your Facebook Business page today:

1. Update your page

Take a look at your page through the eyes of your target audience. Is it reflecting who you are as a business? Is it easy for your customers to find you and get to your other content? Can they find information they need quickly? Does it follow your branding guidelines? If not, it’s definitely time for an update. Facebook has made it easier than ever for businesses to update their pages using page settings. You can use different templates to make sure your existing page accurately reflects your company’s mission, core values, and culture. You can also use this setting to add a “call to action” button to your page. Pay close attention to your profile picture, cover photo, and ‘About Us’ section to make sure everyone visiting your page is getting an accurate portrayal of your business.

2. Engage!

Arguably, the most important way to improve your Facebook page is to make sure you engage with your customers. Not only is social engagement the purpose of social media, but it is also crucial to your company’s visibility. In fact, Facebook identifies interactions among friends and reduces visibility of content that doesn’t promote connections. So, don’t forget to interact with others and hope that they will also interact with you. Don’t “post and ghost,” but make sure to reply to comments and post on other pages.

3. Incorporate video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, just imagine what video is worth. Apparently, a lot. In fact, studies have shown that 85 percent of US internet users watch videos online, and Facebook is currently the most popular social platform for posting video content. Facebook’s algorithm now prioritizes videos, and some predictions indicate that the platform will eventually move to all video. If you haven’t used video yet, experiment with different types of video. Try pre-produced videos in your posts or post live video on Facebook Live or in Stories.

4. Use Messenger

Messaging apps have taken off and Facebook Messenger is in the lead. According to a recent study by Facebook IQ, customers are continuing to increase messaging use with businesses. In fact, 63 percent said their messaging use with businesses had increased over the past two years, 56 percent would rather message than call a business, 61 percent liked personalized messages from businesses, and more than 50 percent were more likely to shop with a business they can message. Because of the personal nature of messaging, more than 50 percent of customers felt more positive about the business, felt the business cared about them, and were more likely to trust the business. With these statistics in mind, it’s hard to ignore the importance of incorporating Messenger into your Facebook marketing strategy.

So how should you use messaging? Try using it to send personalized content you would send via email, to engage customers during an event, to generate sales leads, or to reach out and re-engage customers. In fact, now Facebook even offers Messenger ads that can be targeted toward your specific audience.

5. Consider Paid Ads and Sponsored Posts

Speaking of ads, Facebook ads have moved beyond simple posts. There are many options now available, including photo ads, video ads, stories ads, Messenger ads, carousel ads, slideshow ads, collection ads, playable ads, or instant experiences. Facebook has made it easier than ever to explore the options that may be applicable for your business.

You may also want to consider boosting posts to reach a larger audience. Sponsored or “boosted” posts are made of content a company has paid to promote. They differ from ads because they appear on Facebook timelines in the same way a non-sponsored post would appear. They help you engage with your audience for a particular post, improve visibility for popular content, spread the word about events, share content you want to re-post, or make announcements. If you decide to boost a post, keep in mind posting times, tags, images, and search words.

Facebook is a great tool to promote your business. If you still need help making the most of your Facebook presence or any other marketing needs, The Social Bullpen can help.