Don’t hold back your service-based business. Try these marketing tips.

If you have a service-based business, you already have a different marketing approach than product-based businesses. Essentially, you are selling trust, value, and expertise—qualities that can be hard to demonstrate in a tangible way. And unlike products that can be returned if they are unsatisfactory, your services are built on relationships with your clients. Navigating the sea of marketing can be challenging, but there are a few things you can do to help propel your business to success.

Here are five tips to create a solid marketing foundation for your service-based business.

1. Establish your unique position. When you know your key differentiators, you can use them to establish your unique position in the marketplace and stand out in the crowd. Take a good look at your competitors and their marketing strategies and find ways to set your business apart. What is the best thing you do? How are you different? Focus on your qualities and articulate your strengths in a clear way that can be used as a central message for all your marketing initiatives.

2. Build relationships. Building relationships is crucial to marketing your service-based business, so it needs to be a top priority. Stay focused on your clients’ needs and satisfaction to create loyalty and longevity. Start by improving the relationships with your existing customer base, then reach out and expand. Utilize tools like LinkedIn to stay connected and reach out to new connections. Build on your personal branding to showcase your expertise and the services of your business.

3. Demonstrate your value. Demonstrating your value should be a top priority for all service-based businesses. Find ways to increase the value you provide to your clients by focusing on customer care, offering incentives, or combining services. Focus on solving their problems and delivering creative solutions. Also, examine your pricing structure and make sure it accurately reflects your expertise and the quality of your services.

4. Increase your visibility. Once you have established and demonstrated the value you provide, increase your visibility so your clients or customers can find you and discover your expertise for themselves. Know your audience then create marketing goals, objectives, strategies, and tactics that will place your business in front of them. Make sure you have great content and utilize some of the many ways to get it out there. There are so many options you can use, including your website, social media, digital marketing, networking, community involvement, or paid advertising.

5. Adapt and repeat. Stay flexible with your marketing strategy. Make sure you are constantly analyzing and updating your approach and methods. Be willing to try new tactics and discontinue any that are no longer effective. Remember that your plan gives you direction, but your strategy does not have to be set in stone. Be willing to adapt as marketing approaches and tools change.

These are just a few tips to help you as you market your service-based business. If you feel overwhelmed and have questions or need assistance, we are here to help. The team at The Social Bullpen can create a custom plan for all your marketing needs.