Don’t Risk Your Business: Protect Your Social Media Today

Social media is a great tool to market your business. We love social media, and we create and manage social media strategies for many of our clients. But social media is not foolproof. In fact, all it takes is one hacker to ruin all your hard work. If your account is hacked and suspended, you may not be able to recover it at all, which means you could lose access to all your photos, posts, and even worse - the ability to connect with your audience. At best, it would be a huge inconvenience. At worst, it could seriously jeopardize your ability to conduct business. Don’t risk it.

Implement these steps to protect your social media accounts today.

1. Use two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication is a must whether you are using your personal or your business accounts. It is worth the extra step to protect your accounts from potential threats.

2. Use a different email address. Set up an email address just for social media. If you are a small business owner using your personal account, you are taking multiple risks with your personal and business security. If your personal email gets hacked and it is tied to your social media, spammers could have free reign of your business-related social media pages. All it takes is one ad or post that violates community guidelines, and you could be locked out of your account forever. If you go ahead and set up a separate email for your social media, you will have an extra level of security. Then if someone hacks your personal account, it will not affect your business operations.

3. Choose strong passwords. Make sure your passwords are strong, unique, and regularly updated. Include letters, numbers, and symbols, and don’t include any easily guessed personal or company information. Also be careful about signing into multiple accounts through one platform. This includes using Facebook to sign into other social media apps. You don’t want to give a potential hacker access to multiple platforms in one fell swoop.

4. Designate more than one administrator. You may not want multiple people posting and accessing your social media pages, but you need at least two admins. If something happens and you are personally locked out of your accounts, you need someone else who can still access them. If you are the only admin, then you may be out of luck.

5. Limit access to accounts. This may seem like a contradiction since we just said you need more than one admin, but you don’t want to go to the other extreme either. Only allow access to certain designated team members to better protect your social media account information. If someone leaves the company, be sure to remove them from the account and immediately update passwords.

6. Implement clear security guidelines. Create a clear company policy for social media use, and make sure that all team members are aware of what is expected to keep accounts secure. Also, have a policy in place in case of a security breach. Make sure your team members know who to contact and how to proceed.

7. Do not expect a warning first. We have all heard of users being put in “Facebook jail” for violating community guidelines, but we have seen accounts permanently suspended with no warning at all. You may or may not have a chance to recover your account. You may simply be told there is nothing they can do to help, leaving you with no recourse and permanent loss of your account.

8. Have a website and email database. Remember that social media is a tool. Do not rely on social media alone for your business transactions. You need a website and an email database because they are the only two things you own online. Even if your social media accounts stay completely secure, you do not own them. Trends shift and things change that may lead you away from the use of certain social media platforms. Take the time to further protect your business with a website and keep track of your clients with an email list. This will give you the peace of mind that you can continue to conduct business even if something happens to your social media accounts.

Social media is an important part of your marketing strategy. Don’t shy away from this amazing tool, but take the steps needed to keep your business safe. If you feel overwhelmed or have questions, we are here to help. The team at The Social Bullpen can create a custom plan for all your marketing needs.