Marketing Mullet 2.0: Mid-year Marketing Check-In

The Marketing Mullet is back! Last year, we hoped 2020 would be like a mullet, where the back half was the party. This year, we want to keep our marketing efforts flowing for the back half of the year. With summer upon us, now is a good time for a mid-year marketing check-in.

Here are a few questions to mull(et) over to make sure the plans you made in the front half of the year are still working in the back.

1. What do our customers need?

2. Have customers’ preferences changed?

3. Is there a better way to communicate?

4. Do we still have the same competitors? What can we learn from them?

5. Are we still providing value?

6. Are our marketing methods still effective? Can we still use the same tactics? Do we need to pivot?

These customer-centric questions provide a good framework to review your overall marketing approach.

Make sure you (still) know your audience.

We have often emphasized the importance of knowing your audience. This is a good time to review your audience and updates personas if needed. Listen to your audience on social media, gather and review feedback from current customers, understand your customers' needs and perspectives and make sure you are addressing them through your products or services.

Review your content.

Now that you have re-analyzed your audience, make sure you are providing valuable content and communicating effectively. Review each piece of content including blogs, social media posts, email campaigns, and your website. Look at analytics to find your most successful topics and content types and see who is subscribing or unsubscribing and why. Refresh, revise, and repurpose as needed.

Study your competition.

Check out your competition to see what they are doing. Visit their social media channels and see how they are interacting with their audience. See what your customers are saying about your competition. What are they doing well? How do you compare? Don’t copy but see what you can learn from them and adjust accordingly.

Focus on your value proposition.

If you have studied your competition, you may have learned what makes you different and why your target customers should choose you instead. Your value proposition differentiates you from your competition and clearly communicates the benefits of your products and services. What makes you stand out in the crowd? What can you do better then anyone else in your industry? Focus on your value proposition in your communication and throughout your content.

Analyze your analytics.

You probably already looked at your analytics when you reviewed your content, but it’s worth a full analysis to see what’s working and what will need to improve. If you aren’t on track to meet your goals by the end of the year, you can make some adjustments to help you meet them.

Review your overall marketing plan.

Look back at the marketing plan you made at the beginning of the year and see if it still makes sense. Look at the marketing initiatives that have already been completed and determine which were the most and least successful. Make a list of all the great ideas you had at the beginning of the year and see if they should be implemented. Give yourself a grade on your marketing initiatives so far. If things are going well, keep it going. If not, adjust as needed.

Make a plan for the rest of the year.

Now that you have studied your audience, reviewed your content, watched your competition, highlighted your value proposition, analyzed your analytics, and reviewed your marketing plan, you are well positioned to make a new plan for the second half of the year. Get rid of anything that isn’t working and remember that it’s OK to adjust your goals, objectives, strategies, or tactics if needed. If we have learned anything in the past year, it is that things can change. There is no need to feel trapped in a marketing plan that may no longer be effective. Meet with your team, review the information your found from your mid-year check-in, and brainstorm some ways to improve, and make a plan.

Mullets are back and the back half is arguably the best. Keep adapting and bring the marketing party to the back of 2021!

If you need help with your marketing efforts, call The Social Bullpen today. We can help you customize a plan that will provide value, not just activity. And we won’t give you any advice on haircuts.