Opening Day

Marketing Bullpen is where business owners and leaders can call on experts to come into the game and use great marketing to help you win. For Marketing Bullpen, it’s Opening Day.

Marketing is crucial to every business, but not every business knows how to  market: getting started, developing and managing a strategy, or how to tie marketing initiatives to their overall business goals. This is a challenge.  As a business owner, you know how to run your business, but knowing how to implement some of today’s marketing tools to spur your success may not be in your toolbox.

After spending more than a decade directing the marketing and business development strategy of a regional accounting and consulting firm with several affiliates, I understand what it takes to market a new business and grow an existing business.

My professional life has been spent helping businesses with professional services marketing on many different projects, both for the firm for which I worked and the clients we served. It helped greatly to have a firm whose leadership shares an entrepreneurial spirit to not only allow those opportunities, but create them.

With their encouragement and support, it was this entrepreneurial spirit that brought about spinning off the firm’s marketing division to create Marketing Bullpen.

Our team is experienced in aligning the right tools with the right resources at the right price point to complete your projects. We create value for your business, not just activity. Our custom, cost- effective marketing solutions fit your budget. We don’t waste time or money on initiatives that aren’t right for your business.

Who does The Social Bullpen serve?

We serve businesses and professional services firms. Basically, any business that needs – but doesn’t have – in-house marketing or a firm with with internal marketing that sees the values in an outside pair of eyes reviewing and being involved in a firm’s marketing plans. Please visit our website for more details.

What The Social Bullpen can do for you

We’ve worked on a wide variety of projects; simple invitations, large corporate events, social media campaigns, massive website re-designs… we’ve participated in just about every marketing initiative you can imagine. We whipped out our magic marketing wands to complete projects on extremely tight deadlines more times than we can count. We’ve also been just as successful in maintaining long term initiatives. Regardless of project size and scope, our team of marketers do the job well and we get the job done.

Our services generally fall into four main categories: Social Media, Digital, Branding & Project Management.

You may be wondering about the name…

I love baseball. Baseball is a huge part of my family’s life. We are huge fans of the sport, and my son is a college pitcher. When dreaming about the name of this new venture, I tipped my cap to this love for baseball.

When you make the call to Marketing Bullpen, we become your agile, creative, off-the-bench marketing team. The marketing team you call on, whether you need entry-level marketers or seasoned directors, to become your marketing department or assist your current staff.

The term bullpen ties perfectly with our company’s mission in service to you: coming in to win!