Social Media Trends for 2021

Social media had a huge surge in 2020 and it doesn’t look like it will be slowing down in 2021. With that in mind, the new year is an important time to examine your current social media strategy.

A recent report by Hubspot and Talkwalker identified several social media trends for 2021. As they explained, the impacts of the pandemic will be long-lasting, continuing to influence the way social media marketing will be done in 2021 and beyond. They defined the four C's of COVID-19 content: community, contactless, cleanliness, and compassion. These four C's offer a framework to shape brand messaging and provide an opportunity to examine the way businesses will represent themselves on social media in the upcoming year.

As you reflect on your social media strategy for 2021, here are some other trends to consider.

1. Focus on mission. Mission and cause-driven messaging and socially conscious marketing will continue to be important in 2021. Remember why you are doing what you do and how you are helping your customers or clients. Don’t be artificial, but make sure your marketing efforts reflect your mission and stay true to the causes you support.

2. Use social media to support traditional marketing tactics. There are always new and exciting ways to market your business, but tried-and-true techniques will still work in 2021. Don’t forget about voice calls, newsletters, podcasts, websites, and blogs. Make sure you are connecting with your customers and use your social media channels to support your efforts.

3. Quality over quantity. For the past several months, many businesses have taken a “less is more” approach to social media. This will continue in 2021. Quality and value will take precedence over quantity or frequency of posts. Consider all your posts and ask: Why am I posting this? Will this help my customers or clients? What value will this bring? Whether you are informing, entertaining, educating, or providing a product or service, you will have much better engagement when your posts provide value to your audience.

4. Transparency will be key. The transparency trend continues for 2021. Audiences now expect to see more realistic everyday content, rather than overproduced material. Keep posting a “real look” at your day-to-day, home offices, pets and kids. Audiences now expect and appreciate genuine, transparent content.

5. Short and sweet. Keep content short and to-the-point. Keep your content in small, digestible pieces. Don’t overwhelm viewers with too much text or too long. (Tip: Keep videos around 15 seconds to fig within the time frame on Reels so audiences can see the entire thing without clicking separately.)

6. Videos will still take front and center. Speaking of videos, they will still be important in 2021. Features like Instagram Reels have resulted in greater engagement with audience and provide an opportunity to expand your reach on social media. If you aren’t already incorporating videos in your social media, this is a good time to start.

7. Live content will continue to replace in-person events. Virtual events increased in 2020 out of necessity but will likely stay around for the foreseeable future due to convenience and accessibility. Social media is a great place to showcase live content and create more connection with customers and clients. Be sure to take advantage of any chance you have to increase connection.

8. Instagram and Facebook aren’t going anywhere. Instagram and Facebook remain top platforms to promote your business. If you are still waiting to incorporate a social media strategy, these two platforms are a good place to start or expand. With the continued unveiling of new features including more e-commerce, new algorithms, more new Instagram features like Reels and Guides, it’s worth your time to focus on your Facebook and Instagram strategies.

9. E-commerce will continue to increase. E-commerce took off in 2020 and will most certainly continue in 2021. Many consumers have changed the way they shop. If you have a product-based business, you are probably already taking advantage of social media to expand your online shopping offerings. If not, there are many new features available to help you get start or increase this aspect of your business.

10. Don’t forget LinkedIn. LinkedIn has taken off even more in 2020 as people looked for more creative ways to connect online. The platform is expected to provide even greater opportunities for small and medium sized businesses in 2021. Take advantage of polls, posts, and other ways to inspire conversation and authentic connections on LinkedIn.

Many of the changes that occurred in 2020 may be here to stay. In short, be yourself, and let that shine through in your social media. If one good thing has come out of this crisis, it’s the human connection online. If you are already doing that, keep it going.

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