Try These 7 New Facebook Features to Increase Your Social Media Engagement

If you are a small business owner, you know how Facebook can really help you spread the word about your business. It’s probably a big part of your social media and overall marketing strategy. In the past few months, Facebook has updated and added many features that can impact your business.

If you haven’t already, check out some of these new features to increase your business’s engagement.

1. Messenger updates

Messenger Rooms allow you to invite up to 50 people into a chat room or participate in a live video call. Anyone invited to the room can join the call, even if they do not have a Facebook account. Chats can be private or broadcast to a Page, Group, or Profile. This is a great feature for your business if you are looking for more live videos that your audience can watch or participate in. The new multi-person format allows even more engagement between your audience and your team.

New Messenger policies went into effect earlier in 2020. These policies directly impact the way businesses interact with customers.

  • 24- hour messaging window. You now have 24 hours to respond to messages sent to your business page via Messenger.

  • Customer opt-in for notifications. The exception to the 24-hour messaging window is an opt-in feature for customers who wish to receive notifications via Messenger. This feature can help your business stay visible to your customers by sending updates for restocked items, purchase shipments, or reminders of coupon code expiration dates.

  • Streamlined message tags. These tags will also allow for communication with customers past the 24-hour initial messaging window, but only in specific cases: shipping notifications, event reminders, account updates, or personalized responses.

2. Shareable Collections lists

Facebook’s Collections allows users to save photos, links, and more for later use. These lists are now publicly shareable, which means your business could use this feature to connect with your target audience. This can be particularly useful if you want to collaborate with other businesses, reach out to influencers to promote your product or service, or even list items for sale.

3. #SupportSmallBusiness

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Facebook created a “Support Small Business” hashtag on the app to encourage users to support small businesses. This feature may be beneficial for your small business and a great way to show appreciation for other businesses you support.

4. New Livestreaming features

Facebook has built upon the popularity of video livestreaming by offering new “audio only” livestreaming with an option for automatic captions. Users who aren’t logged into Facebook may also be able to access the content This is not only good news for accessibility purposes, but it also allows small businesses to increase engagement by providing more live content. Try testing out this feature and see what kind of flexibility it offers.

5. “Moods” for stories

Speaking of content, Facebook Stories now has a “Mood” mode which incorporates Gifs. This new mode is a quick and easy way to share excitement or other feelings about company news, new products, releases, or customer reviews that have been recently shared in your Stories.

6. Change 2D to 3D images

If you are looking for a quick way to improve your brand’s graphics, try Facebook’s new tool to change the appearance of images from flat two-dimensional graphics to a more three-dimensional view. This fun feature can help you create higher quality images that stand out and draw more attention to your posts.

7. Creator Studio Mobile App

If you are managing your small business’s Facebook page from a mobile device, you may want to try the new Creator Studio mobile app. This app will help you utilize all the features of Creature Studio including adding and viewing updated content and checking engagement. If you aren’t using a third-party app to manage your pages, this may be a good option.

Have you tried any of these new features? If so, we would like to hear if they have helped you engage with your audience.

If you are overwhelmed with your social media or overall marketing strategy and would like some help creating a custom plan, call The Social Bullpen. We can help you implement the tools that will bring value to your business.