You Need the Right Marketing Team

When it comes to marketing, your team is crucial. To achieve your goals and make the most of your marketing efforts, you need the right people. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution for building a successful marketing team, there are a few steps that can help.

Know your team.

Start by getting to know your existing team. The team members at The Social Bullpen recently worked with Clear Leader Group to complete a science-based personality assessment to identify natural tendencies, strengths, and the best ways to communicate and work together. It was a great way to better understand each other and strengthen our team even more. Many businesses use these types of assessments to build high performing teams. According to Business News Daily, the top six assessments for businesses are the DiSC Assessment, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, The Predictive Index, the Five-Factor Model of Personality (FFM), the Occupational Interest Inventory, and situational judgement tests.

If you have completed any of these assessments, you probably already know how your team members work best together. You may have even discovered some additional strengths or better ways to utilize your team.

Recognize your strengths.

When you know your existing team and their strengths, it’s easier to utilize everyone to their full potential. A strong team is more likely to have high morale, productivity, quality work, better ideas, and less stress.

Is your team creative, strategic, friendly? Are there certain areas where you have already found success? Are there specific marketing tasks you enjoy? Consider these questions and the skills of your team to best determine where you are already performing well.

Identify gaps.

After you understand your team and their strengths, it’s easier to look for gaps that may need to be filled. The actual roles necessary for your marketing team will differ based on your goals, but here are a few examples:

· Team Leader

· Web Designer

· SEO Expert

· Content Creator

· Social Media Strategist

· Financial Analyst

· Public Relations Specialist

Ideally, you will have team members who excel in more than one of these areas or can help each other in multiple roles. If you recognize certain roles or attributes where you need help, you can start looking for additional team members to fill those positions. It may not be feasible to hire someone new, but identifying gaps will help you find the right fit when the time comes.

Think about these questions: Do you have enough team members? Do you have the expertise you need? How could your team improve? What roles do you think you might need to fill?

Once you have determined the answers to these questions, you will be able to decide if you need to add more personnel to achieve your marketing goals.

Outsource if needed.

If you have gaps, there’s nothing wrong with outsourcing. Even if you have an in-house marketing director or department, sometimes it helps to have another perspective or another group to make things happen. Outsourcing allows you to build a complete team without the cost of hiring all the positions you may need.

Of course, we are a little biased, but we think everyone should consider outsourcing their marketing. There are many benefits including expert knowledge, a team of professionals, and less expense for salaries, training, and time. An outsourced marketing team can provide great value, which is something The Social Bullpen is great at delivering.

Whether you have a great team already or have some gaps you need to fill, make sure you have the right people. If you have questions about marketing or need some additional resources, we are here to help. Call The Social Bullpen today.