Your Website is the Most Important Part of Your Marketing Strategy; Here's Why.

Think of your website as your digital display case or modern-day brochure with a twist; the place where you present your company’s information, images, and graphics to your target audience.

Because your company’s website is home base and the capitol of your marketing efforts, it must be simple for your target audience to find. No matter what tools you use to market your business, the purpose is most often to drive traffic back to your site. Most of the time, people prefer a website that is clear, easy to understand, and simple to navigate. By creating a site with these qualities, you’re more likely to convert your traffic into clients and have a better chance of growing your business. The characteristics of your website can make a big impact on your success.

Your website is the most important part of your marketing strategy.


It’s the backbone of your entire marketing strategy.

  • Your website is your online office; the place where people go to learn information about you and your business. You want to show your audience what you’re all about, but in way that’s easy to understand. In other words, you want to provide important information about your company’s purpose and product/service, but not in a 10-page essay format. Present your site as informative, yet simple.

It’s the origin of your brand.

  • When it comes to your brand, consistency is key. You want to use the same graphics, fonts, colors, and tone throughout your marketing strategy. Your website is the stage that defines your identity online, and keeps all other platforms consistent with your brand.

It’s linked to everything.

  • Posting on social? Running a Google ad? Sending a marketing email? Every one of these strategies on these various platforms are created to generate traffic back to your website. When your site is built and used correctly, you can engage your audience and capture leads.

To go along with your site, consider a blog.

Why a blog? It’s a great way to share valuable information in a more detailed way. Your blog is a great opportunity to practice content marketing, one of the most successful ways of attracting clients to your business.

A little blogging goes a long way with your audience.


Shows your expertise and builds credibility.

  • When you provide information that helps solve a common problem that people face in your industry, they’ll come back for more. This helps establish you as an expert and grow your client base.

Instills trust.

  • When your company offers helpful knowledge for absolutely nothing, your audience takes notice. If you continue to provide snippets of relevant info that people can actually use, you’re much more likely to gain their business and their trust.

Sets you apart from your competition.

  • Your blog is a great way to separate yourself from everyone else in your industry. If you have a specialty or niche, use your blog to show it off. Capitalize on what makes your business unique, and illustrate the differences between you and everyone else.

Your website is your most valuable source of information. It’s the backbone of your marketing strategy and the origin of your brand; not to mention that it’s linked to all of your marketing campaigns. Creating a blog can be the perfect solution to enhance your website and increase the success of your marketing efforts. By adding the blog to your site, you can show your expertise and build credibility; instill trust; and set yourself apart from your competition.

Not sure how to design your website to fit your business? Or maybe you’re happy with your site, but unfamiliar with the type of content to use for your blog? Whatever your marketing needs, we’d love to help you reach your goals. Give The Social Bullpen a call, and let us assist you in growing your business!